Integrating Our Shadow & Light SelvesWatch now (48 min) | So much to learn and explore!
How Narcissists Play a Role in our Spiritual JourneyWatch now (53 min) | The Dynamics that appear all around us to keep us on track
The heartbreaking moments that lead to the greatest "aha" moments!
The Importance of Healthy AngerWatch now (55 min) | What it is, what it isn't, and why it is so necessary for our happiness
Why we don't skip steps on a spiritual journey

February 2023

How to Respect Each Other's PathsWatch now (55 min) | Is it possible to know what is right for someone else?
Living in CourageWatch now (42 min) | Reframing the Dance Between Fear & Courage
The Passion of DesireWatch now (44 min) | How to not be an energetic octopus
πŸ’• Happy Love Day to You πŸ’•Watch now (9 min) | A Meditation for You
Kindness: The Foundation of All RelationshipsWatch now (59 min) | How to deepen our connection with those we love

January 2023

Finding Trust in RelationshipsWatch now (60 min) | A discussion about Integrity, Kindness, and the Concept of Fidelity
Why Energy Healing Isn't SillyWatch now (36 min) | I apologize for the laughter now 😊