How Narcissists Play a Role in our Spiritual Journey

The Dynamics that appear all around us to keep us on track


Why are we suddenly recognizing narcissists in our lives? Why do empaths end up with them? What pattern are they showing us? What do they have to do with the domination paradigm we've been living in? How can we strengthen ourselves when we find ourselves in the arena? What is this curious journey?


🦚 Your life is really not about them
🦚 The distraction from your life path
🦚 The connection to the concept of royalty
🦚 Strengthening your connection to reality when gaslighted
🦚 Beware reversed spiritual axioms that make their bad behaviour YOUR trigger
🦚 Seeing evidence of truth in 3D
🦚 Being aware of the domination paradigm around us
🦚 Making sure these don't exist within us
🦚 Satyagraha: peacefully standing in our truth

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