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Hi Katrina! I've got a son and a daughter who are teenagers. We talk a lot about "men-women, masculi-feminine", gender... And it's so interesting and at the same time I get so confused, and so do they. Sometimes I feel I don't know how to guide them... Thank you for sharing your knoweledge and ideas!

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Hi Laura. Yes, there is a lot of gender confusion these days. When I wrote my new book, "Divine Union of the Masculine & Feminine", the first things that the editors had issue with was this masculine/feminine challenge of today's world. I had to do a lot of deep thinking about which aspects of today's struggles with this concept I believed were important or even real. In fact, it got me so frustrated, I almost didn't want to publish my book.

But then, I came to a realization. I knew what I believed to be true about gender, masculine, feminine, etc. I realized that it was important to step forward in my truth and just share what I believed to be true.

I can only imagine the confusion of raising children today with so many mixed messages coming from all over. For me, I honour the spirit of the confusion. But I also know what is true... and I rest happily in that.

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